Vellfire New model


Also increase the fearless than the previous model front face, new Vellfire which realized a further comfort. Weight preeminent of its presence as a flagship minivan is equipped with attractive enough to overwhelm the other.
In particular, the interior space is a masterpiece in pursuit of comfort. Versatile seat arrangement is, of course, the front passenger's seat super long slide that can be lowered at once to the vicinity of the second-row seat is a new VELLFIRE biggest attraction.
Of course, because the power of also has also evolved silence of the engine, comfortable driving also be realized. It is a single that gives the joy of about insufficient even around all day the resort of Okinawa.
Even in your family, even in groups, it is by all means experience the performance of the new Vellfire during the trip to Okinawa would be how.


Return after 20:00 shall be regarded as extra 1 day. With our leasing condition, the driver has to be older than 21 years of age. All cars are non-smoking.