This is a rare type that Lexus offers, where it's a 2 door convertible.
Due to the fact that convertibles aren't that popular in Japan, 4 door coupes are more prominent in the market; however, for the first series of the IS, Lexus offers sports cars - and you could ride this rare car!
Although this car is an entry level car, it still embodies the classy elegance and strength of any other Lexus car, letting passengers enjoy the thrill of driving a convertible.
With its easy steering, you are sure to be hooked driving this vehicle, and will make drivers want to both drive and sightsee.
Even for inexperienced drivers, this car adapts to any situation, making it an ideal convertible.
We guarantee a luxurious ride in this car.


Return after 20:00 shall be regarded as extra 1 day. With our leasing condition, the driver has to be older than 21 years of age. All cars are non-smoking.