AT 245

Leasing period 8:00- 20:00(1Days)

Please select a payment method

Safety Pack

Safe pack

Wide Disclaimer compensation system non-operation charge compensation offers affordable options pack that was to set the premium road service and typhoon compensation.

pick-up service

We accept pick-up service from airport to shop.
※ Pick-up time is from 8:00 to 20:00.
※ It is customer limitation for Safety Pack subscription.

Wide Disclaimer compensation

Before your departure you will be asked to join in this system and (not insurance) in addition to the scope of immunity compensation system also in the case of single-car accident on behalf of the customers the objective deductibles (10 million) and vehicle compensation we compensate for the deductible (15 million).
You can not join closeout after your departure. If you extended it will be automatically updated.

Disclaimer compensation system

before departure you will please subscribe to this system and (not the insurance) accidents during the objective immune Seme-gaku and (¥ 100000) and vehicle compensation deductible your burden of (¥ 150000) on behalf of the customer will be compensated.

※ The sung accident does not apply.
※ You can not join the middle cancellation after your departure. In the case of your extension it will be automatically updated.
※ It does not apply if applicable to disclaimer of insurance provisions.

Premium Road Service

Anywhere in the Okinawa main island in the event of an accident it is a system that suffices return in the accident site the vehicle.We will pay the transportation costs to the hotel or airport from the scene of the accident

Travel expenses such as door locks will be 20000 yen will be free if it entered the premium road service.

Non-operation charge compensation

To departure before will you subscribe to this system and (not the insurance) any chance of you your burden of non-operation charge in case of an accident on behalf of the customer will be compensated

Typhoon compensation

When you sign up at the time of booking cancellation fee even if it is not borrowed by the typhoon in the loan on the day it will be borne by the Company.

*Price doesn't include tax unless it's stated.