Return after 20:00 shall be regarded as extra 1 day. With our leasing condition, the driver has to be older than 21 years of age. All cars are non-smoking.

okinawa speed rent-a-car

Mazda Roadster(MX-5) New model

2016/10 Roadster(MX-5) New model

I wanted to get a feel of what the Roadstar really felt like, as well as drive a manual car for the first time in a while. I drove frmo Nishihara to Kyoda with the top down, but got off the highway and used the hood because the sun was too hot. It's nice and all, but women might not like it because of how strong the sun can hit you. Really freeing though, and I felt like I was really on vacation. Plus, I got a tan, and I can brag about this experience to all my friends.

Mazda Roadster(MX-5)

2013/09 Roadster(MX-5)

I always wanted to drive a Roadster once in my life. I drove around on Kouri Island and Sesoko Island, I also drove on an undersea road. The feeling of driving over Kouri Bridge with the convertible cover wide open was the best. With the Roadster, you can experience the extraordinary feelings you can't experience with standard cars. Driving with the wind on your face is the best!


2015/10 SOARER

I preferred an oversized one. Got rear ended. Beautiful views and awesome feelings.

Porsche Porsche Boxster

2015/05 Porsche Boxster

I chose it because I wanted to drive it once. I was very satisfied when I visited several restaurants and ate my favorite Okinawa Soba Noodles. I drove back and forth a few times over the Kouri Bridge because I felt so good driving with the top down!

mini Mini Cooper Convertible

2015/05 Mini Cooper Convertible

Because I love MINI. A typhoon hit, but it was mostly sunny the next day, and I could experience the awesome drive! I felt so good enjoying the view as I drove right next to the ocean around Okinawa!

Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet

2015/01 New Beetle Cabriolet

Great design and color. I did get the turn signals and windshield wipers mixed up a few times. The feeling of the breeze while driving. Stands out.


2016/12 Copen

I think driving a manual convertible is great in the Okinawan winter, as you can really let the wind hit your face. Okinawa has especially great roads on the outskirts of the cities, and this car lets you talk to the other passengers, whereas motorcycles would require helmets and prevent you from having conversations. This car is great for a conversational starter piece as you can share your experience in the car, and would be a great investment for business; although, I do think that the more cool cars there are, the more customers may flock to this service.


2015/11 BMW Z4

I wanted to drive a fast paced car. After I finished my graveyard shift in the morning, I drove to the northernmost point of Okinawa. Spring and fall are the best times to drive convertible cars.

BMW 3 series cabriolet

Toyota 86

2015/12 86

The Boxer's engine sound of Toyota 86. I drove all the way around the island in 8 hours. It was awesome and the weather was fantastic. I would like to rent a Roadster next time.

Honda S660

2016/12 S660

I love convertibles, and wanted to ride one. I even hit it up with a guy that was driving a Porsche Boxster when we parked next to each other in a coast-side parking lot. Loved feeling the Okinawan sun and breeze as I was driving.

Mercedes Benz SLK200

BMW 120i

Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet

Audi A4 Cabriolet

2016/12 A4 Cabriolet

Rented because the car was nice. Okinawa is warm, so the cool breeze felt good.

Lexus SC430

Lexus IS

okinawa mini-van rent-a-car

Toyota Vellfire New model campaign

2016/12 Vellfire New model campaign

Wanted the Vellfire because we needed a car that could hold 7 people. Diving in Okinawa was cool.

Toyota Vellfire

Toyota Vellfire

Toyota Voxy New model

2016/06 Voxy New model

It is comfortable and stable. Nothing special. The breeze was very satisfying.

Toyota Noah New model

2016/08 Noah New model

Spacious, Fun, Wind.

Toyota Noah

2016/08 Noah

Because we could all fit in the car, and it was affordable. Obon season. Didn't rent a convertible.

Toyota Voxy

2015/03 Voxy

It was nice to do business with you the other day. I had a lot of people with me, and after I thought about all the luggage I had, I chose a Toyota Voxy!! All of my children are graduated and it has been 10 years since the last family trip. We went scuba diving and went to Churaumi Aquarium. I am very happy we could spend time relaxing. The feeling of unity the breeze of Okinawa.

Toyota Succeed Van

2016/12 Succeed Van

This place was cheap, and I needed a car that fit my golf bag. Nothing went wrong, and it was a smooth ride all around.

Nissan Caravan

Toyota Alphard

Toyota Hiace GL

Toyota Hiace GL campaign

Nissan Serena

Honda Step Wagon

Toyota Noah

Toyota Voxy

Toyota Alphard

Toyota Alphard

Honda Step Wagon

Nissan AD Van

Toyota Estima

Honda Odyssey

Nissan Serena

Toyota Noah

Toyota Estima

Toyota Alphard

okinawa suv rent-a-car

Suzuki Hustler

Toyota Harrier


Suzuki carry

Honda N-BOX


Suzuki Every Van

Suzuki Alto

Honda N-ONE

Suzuki Hustler

Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto