Return after 20:00 shall be regarded as extra 1 day. With our leasing condition, the driver has to be older than 21 years of age. All cars are non-smoking.

speed rent-a-car

Mazda Roadster(MX-5) New model

2016/11 Roadster(MX-5) New model

I wanted to test the Roadstar, as well as drive a convertible. Driving across the Kouri Bridge was awesome, and it's a lot different from riding a motorcycle. I love how you can really feel the wind, and forget the woes of daily life.

Mazda Roadster(MX-5)

2016/09 Roadster(MX-5)

I always wanted to drive one of these cars since I was little. I have taken out the same car for a test drive twice at a dealership, but I couldn't open the top because it always rained. I really wanted to drive a Roadster with the top down this time. I have always dreamed about taking my girlfriend on a date in a convertible (This is probably only a dream men have. lol). Nothing special. The freedom and being able to feel the wind as you drive.


2016/04 SOARER

Because it was good looking. I always wanted to drive a convertible car on a southern island. It was electric and easy to drive. It was the best vacation and good weather. You can feel the breeze.

Porsche Porsche Boxster

2016/07 Porsche Boxster

I wanted to drive a European Convertible car. I really enjoyed driving over Niraikanai Bridge which I was able to overlook Taiheiyo Ocean. It was so much fun to drive over the hills and winding roads. I loved the echoing sound of the engine in the tunnel and the amazing view in front of my eyes as soon as I went through the tunnel. I was very excited. The best part about a convertible car is feeling the fresh air of Okinawa.

mini Mini Cooper Convertible

2016/04 Mini Cooper Convertible

Because it was a convertible car for four people. We went out driving anyway even though it was supposed to be rainy. Fortunately, it was cloudy, and we could enjoy the drive with the top down. You can enjoy the leisure of Okinawa.

Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet

2015/07 New Beetle Cabriolet

I wanted to drive it once in my life time. My wife laughed at me because I kept making mistakes trying to operate the windshield wipers and the turn signals. I got used to it by the second day, but after I went home, I kept making mistakes with my own car. The sense of freedom and exhilaration. Convertible cars are the best for Okinawa.


2016/07 Copen

I wanted to drive a convertible. I loved the drive to Kudaka Island. The breeze was refreshing.


2015/04 BMW Z4

I was given information by the staff. I went to Okinawa on a business trip. I extended my stay for another day and rented a BMW Z4. It was very refreshing. Felt good!

Toyota 86

2016/09 86

Because it was cheap. I usually drive around a shorter car, so Toyota 86 was a lot longer. I didn't rent a convertible car. I would like to rent a Roadster with a stick shift next time I do business with them.

Honda S660

2016/12 S660

I love convertibles, and wanted to ride one. I even hit it up with a guy that was driving a Porsche Boxster when we parked next to each other in a coast-side parking lot. Loved feeling the Okinawan sun and breeze as I was driving.

Mercedes Benz SLK200

BMW 120i

Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet

Audi A4 Cabriolet

2016/12 A4 Cabriolet

Rented because the car was nice. Okinawa is warm, so the cool breeze felt good.

Lexus SC430

Lexus IS

Toyota Harrier

mini-van rent-a-car

Toyota Vellfire New model campaign

2016/12 Vellfire New model campaign

Wanted the Vellfire because we needed a car that could hold 7 people. Diving in Okinawa was cool.

Toyota Voxy New model

2016/06 Voxy New model

It is comfortable and stable. Nothing special. The breeze was very satisfying.

Toyota Noah New model

2016/08 Noah New model

Spacious, Fun, Wind.

Toyota Noah

2016/08 Noah

Because we could all fit in the car, and it was affordable. Obon season. Didn't rent a convertible.

Toyota Voxy

2016/11 Voxy

I was in a pickle as my car is a Serena, and we need space for 3 car seats, as well as seats for 2 more people, but renting cars is usually super expensive. That was when I found this rental service. It was my first time going to Bisezaki in November, but it was so much fun, and I got to show my kids so many different types of fish. I haven't rented a convertible, but I imagine in this weather, it is amazing! Although, it definitely won't seat 5 people lol

Toyota Succeed Van

2016/12 Succeed Van

Rented as we had to go to 2-3 shops to buy some big items, as well as go sightseeing with my wife (I thought taking the bus would be too much of a hassle as it has a time schedule). It was cheap too. We now live in the States, and wanted to vacation in Okinawa, so this was our chance to as we got a few days off. My wife and daughter went ahead to Okinawa so it was great that they introduced me to some of the things that they recommend. This trip was in the winter, but I'm sure that a convertible in the summer, even with the heat, is really nice too.

Nissan Caravan

Toyota Hiace GL

Nissan Serena


Suzuki carry


Suzuki Every Van

Suzuki Alto

Honda N-ONE

Suzuki Hustler